Valfaris look for Players who want to learn the funny Playstyle (Funlame/Bugs and Rush)

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Valfaris look for Players who want to learn the funny Playstyle (Funlame/Bugs and Rush)

Post by Valfaris on Fri Feb 27, 2015 4:28 am

Hello guys !

Some Information about me if u dont know me Smile

Name : Valfaris or Exodus
Age : 24
Favourite Gametypes : Funlame and Forcefight.

I play since 2003 - 2004 i guess and saw many Players and Clans. And so i saw even many Gamestyles Wink (Like the silly game of hide and seek in FL what i dont like ^^. The point is there is no action and so i started to learn a "new" Gamestyle in the Past its called "Rush".)  Have to learn it new but its easier to learn it with another Player ^^ In the past some guys like Arrakis, Bless, Sabotage liked the Gamestyle too and so we trained sometimes together. It has a lot of reaction and very fast dooms to do. But the best is we learn it together Wink With 2-3 Beers and good music we can train on the i'm Server.

I can train Forcefight aswell. And if someone want to train some 2on2 it will be fun Wink Its one of the most difficult thing i think but its so much fun.... i did many 2on2 with Arrakis (Holyhand and Holysand) or with Entey against some Hun Players ^^.

If u interested just write here a message or add me in skype (loxxon2)

Peace Wink

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